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Higher education

38.03.04 State and Municipal Administration

Profile "State and Municipal Services"
Profile "State and Municipal Finances"
Profile "Effective State and Municipal Administration"

38.03.01 Economies

Profile "Finance and Credit"
Profile "Accounting, Analysis and Audit"

40.03.01 Jurisprudence

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38.04.04 State and Municipal Administration

Profile "The System of State and Municipal Administration"

Description of the educational programs:



The qualification description of the graduate, sphere and objects of the professional activities of the certified manager


The sphere of professional activities of a manager is the ensuring of the effective management of an organization, participation in the establishment and the functioning of the systems of state and municipal administration, improvement of administration in accordance with the tendencies of socio-economic development.

Objects of professional activities.

The objects of professional activities of a manager are different organizations and subdivisions in the system of state and municipal administration, the processes of economic, political, organizational and social life of the society, the problems of functioning and development of the state and its regional and municipal bodies, the problems of citizen-society interaction.

The main types of professional activities.

A manager of state and municipal administration should be ready for the following types of activities which are assigned according to his/her appointment and position in the system of administration: the planning of individual and cooperative activity, the organization of work according to the goals, recourses and result, the reasonable control of the staff activities and of the organization as a whole, the management of the staff and the coordination of activities in the external environment, the motivation of employees, the representation of the organization and its external interests, the study and diagnostics of problems, forecasts, goals and situations, the consultative, methodological and educational work with employees, innovative activities in the sphere of management.

A manager of state and municipal administration can enter the post-graduate study and master different professional programs of additional education in order to improve the effectiveness of his/her activities.



The qualification description of the graduate, sphere and objects of the professional activities of the certified economist

An economist should be prepared for professional activities in the state bodies of federal, regional and municipal levels; in banks, exchanges, finance and insurance companies, investment funds, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, in economics agencies of organizations of all forms of ownership, on the positions demanding higher economic education according to the qualification register of the positions of heads, specialists and other employees sanctioned by the decree of the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation № 37 dated 21 August, 1998.

The specialization “Finance and Credit” provides an economist with knowledge in the spheres of state and municipal finances, banking and insurance, money circulation, finance management, equity market, taxes and taxation. The specialization foresees the study of the processes of the formation and implementation of the budgets of different levels, the mechanism of managing the state debt, the functioning of non-budget funds, the procedure of planning, registering and accounting in enterprises and organizations; the organization and management of organization’s cash flow, organization’s investment activities; the peculiarities of the organization of enterprises’ finance; banking and insurance.

A graduate of the finance and credit department can enter the post-graduate study.



The qualification description of the graduate, sphere and objects of the professional activities of the certified lawyer

The qualification description of the graduate.

A lawyer receives fundamental and special training in the sphere of jurisprudence within the specialization 021100.
The activities of a lawyer are aimed at the implementation of legal norms and at the provision of law and order in different spheres of society.

The objects of the professional activities of a lawyer are events and actions that have portée juridique; legal relationships arising in the sphere of functioning of state bodies; legal relationships between state bodies, natural persons and legal persons.

A lawyer should be able to interpret and apply laws and other normative legal acts; provide the observance of legislation in the activities of state bodies, natural persons and legal persons; classify facts and circumstances legally correctly; work out legal documents, carry out legal expertise of normative acts, give qualified legal opinions and advice; make legal decisions and perform other legal actions in strict accordance with the law; identify the facts of infringement of the law, define the measures of responsibility and the punishment of perpetrators; take the necessary measures for the restoration of the violated rights; systematically upgrade professional qualification, study the legislation and the practice of its application, know special literature.

A lawyer should:

- have civil maturity, be publicly active, possess professional ethics, legal and psychological culture, have deep respect for law and protective attitude to social values of the legal state, honour and dignity of a citizen, possess high moral consciousness, be human, have strong moral beliefs, a sense of duty, be responsible for people’s lives and for the assigned work, adhere to one’s principles, be independent t in ensuring the rights, freedoms and lawful interests of individuals and their social protection, have will and persistence in implementing the legal decisions, be intolerant to any infringement of the law in one’s own professional activity;

- understand the nature and social importance of one’s profession, understand the essence, character and interaction of legal phenomena, know the main issues of the legal subjects, determining a specific area of professional activity, realize their interrelation in the whole system of knowledge and their importance for the realization of the law in professional activities.

Opportunities for continuing education
A lawyer is prepared to continue his/her education in the magistracy (521400 Master of Law) and in the post-graduate course.

The Karelian branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration charges fees for the education.

A tripartite contract for the whole period of education is made between the Karelian branch, the customer and the student.

The conditions, mutual obligations and tuition fees are stated in the contract on rendering paid educational services.



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