Additional education
Additional education

The main aim of this department is the implementation of programmes of supplementary professional education.
Currently, the department offers programmes of professional retraining (500 and more academic hours). Professional retraining is a form of supplementary professional education for people who already hold a diploma of higher or secondary professional education. This form of education has been worked out by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as a convenient, not costly and fast way to get an additional higher education and master a new profession. The peculiarities mentioned above make professional retraining advantageously different from getting another higher education in a traditional way (what takes several years, costs much more and covers general knowledge subjects).

The Karelian Branch of the North-West Academy of Public Administration offers the following programmes of professional retraining: 

- Jurisprudence,
- Finance and Credit,
- State and Municipal Management,
- Municipal Management and Municipal Service.
- In-service courses of average-term programmes (from 100 to 500 academic hours) and short-term programmes (up to 72 academic hours, and from 72 to 100 academic hours).

In-service courses help specialists to enhance their professional level and can be aimed at different audience:

- employees of state government bodies,
- employees of local self-government bodies,
- deputies of Legislation Meeting of the Republic of Karelia,
- deputies of representative bodies of local self-government bodies,
- executives of enterprises, agencies and organisations.
Subject and consultation seminars. 

Seminars are one of the most advanced directions of the department activities.
Usually, the seminars are conducted following the demand of state government bodies, local self-government bodies, enterprises and organisations. They cover the issues of accounting, taxation and labor legislation, as well as legal support of the activities of state and municipal employees and some other issues acute for the audience.
Seminars are organised in the Karelian Branch of the North-West Academy of Public Administration and throughout the Republic of Karelia. Different specialists, including practicing ones, are invited to contribute to the run of seminars.



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