Students of the Karelian Branch of RANEPA Meet French Musicians

25 December 2017


On 18 and 19 December, 2017 the students of the Karelian branch of RANEPA studying the French language at the elective, attended meetings with David Sire and Frédéric Bouchain, musicians from France.  The musicians came to Russia at the invitation of the French Institute in Saint-Petersburg.

David Syrah is called a verbal alchemist and a modern troubadour. He is also an author, a composer and a performer.

On the first day a workshop on writing poetry in French was held. The main tools were the body, movements and vivid emotion that can be expressed by combining movement and sound. The venue of the meeting was Media-center "Vyhod" which is a structural division of Tourism Information and cultural center of the Republic of Karelia. The participants of the workshop together with the French musicians created anaphoric quatrains, each line of which began with the words "the body which...".  Everyone made drafts describing with poetic lines what the body is, what happens to it, what is due to it, etc.   The result was a short poetic work on the same topic, which every participant read expressively to the accompaniment of virtuoso guitarist Frédéric Bouchain.

On the second day the students visited the concert of musicians at the club "Agriculture." It turned out that David Sire, along with his partner-musician Frédéric Bouchain, create real interactive stage show involving spectators and listeners.

All two days of the meetings with French musicians were held in a warm, dynamic atmosphere and left no one indifferent. The students were pleased to meet talented artists; they had opportunities to practice their language skills. Tasks on writing and reciting poetry convinced everyone that it is necessary to pay special attention to practicing pronunciation skills. Thus, these meetings opened new opportunities and directions for the study of French.